Champlain Valley Fair 8/31/2014Taken by Sparklypinkelixir
Hunter Hayes At Guitar Center


wait okay 1) he’s beaming about Martin Ambassadors and he totally just doesn’t know that Ed Sheeran is also a martin ambassador and thats upsetting.

2) Isn’t that an acoustic guitar only version of Still Fallin? I can’t tell but I like whatever it is.

3) if it IS an acoustic guitar only version of Still Falling- add that to the edit he tweeted a while back with “guys I’m changing the album artwork” and the tumblr link about coldplay he posted: HE KNOWS ABOUT TUMBLR AND HE’S HERE….


one of the many reasons I love hunter I mean road guy

I love this


hunter hayes doesn’t receive an ounce of the attention/appreciation he deserves from the music industry and it rly irritates me


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Just a few new questions with Hunter!